Introducing the Hytera PD795Ex ATEX Radio

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Hytera (HYT) are once again creating a buzz among radio professionals by announcing the launch of the Worlds First IIC ATEX Tier 2 Digital Portable Radio; the PD795Ex.

Whilst the actual release date has yet to be announced, here at Zycomm, we have been informed to expect to take delivery in April/May 2012. The PD795Ex boasts an impressive spec and has been manufactured to an extremely high standard. It will be fully compliant with DMR open standard of ETSI, FM-2010 standard (N. America), IEC, and ATEX approved standards.

The PD795Ex has been designed to minimise user errors and accidents by incorporating advanced plastic-encapsulated technology to isolate its internal circuits and an automatic alarm capable of identifying unsuitable accessories.

This together with its IIC rating and IP67 protection ensures that the device is intrinsically safe, providing users with reliable communication in hazardous situations with explosive gas and combustible dusts.

The PD795Exs key features will include.

Colour LCD display - a 1.8-inch high-resolution colour transflective LCD display, allowing crystal-clear visibility even outdoors in strong light conditions.

Large keys a big keypad ensures precise and convenient operation even whilst wearing protective gloves.

Automatic alarm an alarm is triggered when batteries or accessories of lower security levels are applied, thus avoiding electrical errors or accidents.

Plastic-encapsulated technology a protective layer is applied to the 2 Way Radio unit and battery to isolate its internal circuits from dangerous gas and dusts.

IP67 Protection such protection allows the device to be submersion in one-meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Anti-static shell the rugged and durable shell will dissipate static electricity preventing sparks.

High-strength protective lens the LCD lens minimizes scratches and withstands the impact of 1KG hammer.

Innovative battery latch a specially designed latch keeps the battery in place when the radio falls from a height.

Non-slip design the outer shell offers a functional grab-hold design allowing comfortable user friendly operation even with protective gloves.

The PD795Ex manages to seamlessly integrate the robust reliable functionality youd expect from an ATEX radio with an aesthetically pleasing design. A combination not currently offered in any equivalent ATEX radio on the market.

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